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Minimum Waste
aximum Taste

A sustainable café that does things differently, a spot with excellent coffee and fresh food all day long, a meeting point for an afternoon drink, a getaway from the hustle of the city streets – Minimum Waste is a bit of everything.

The concept was born in a team of designers and innovators of MIWA, a technology company that helps prevent waste of single-use packaging in the retail and supply chains. With new technologies being developed, we wanted to have a place where they could be tested in everyday life, subjected to real people with real expectations and opinions and a liking for exceptional coffee. People like us. So, in December 2022, we opened Minimum Waste and kicked off a new adventure. 

All the products that we put on the table are supplied by producers with strong focus on a sustainable approach to everyday actions. Everything you experience in Minimum Waste has been thoroughly selected to follow our values, from coffee and food preparation to tableware and furniture material.

You can find us on a corner of a busy square, and no matter if you’re in search for great coffee, a delicious bite or simply a pleasant place to work, you’ll always be welcomed by our cheerful staff. Come see for yourself and let us know what you think.

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